Boat and Marine Repair Services

If you are looking for personalized boat repair, you have come to the right place. When you call USA Marine Service the person that answers the phone is the Owner, Mechanic and Parts Department. You get personalized service.

  • General maintenance and Winterization

Regardless of brand, boat, and motor, USA Marine provides general

maintenance/tune up/routine servicing to keep your boat in top-condition.

USA Marine is happy to help with installation of boating experience-

enhancing equipment.


  • Major, Drive, and Trailer Repair

When general maintenance is not sufficient for the problem/scenario

presented, USA Marine easily steps up to the plate to handle the more

complicated problems and maintenance issues your equipment may face.

USA Marine is able to handle advanced repair needs including those of drive

repair and trailer repair.


  • Oil Changes

Regardless of brand, boat, and motor, USA Marine is able to help with

equipment oil changes of all types and situations.


  • Shrink Wrap

USA Marine can assist with the various scenarios warranting shrink wrap.

  • Wheel Bearings

All grease- or lubricating products for that matter- are not created equally.

Before you potentially jeopardize the condition of your equipment, be sure

you come to USA Marine to take care of wheel bearings and other essential

parts of your equipment.


  • Bunk Replacement

USA Marine efficiently replaces boat bunks, listening to customer comments,

concerns, and points of consideration along the way.


  • Generator and AC

USA Marine handles all the generator repair and replacement situations you

may come across. Years of experience have enabled us to use pinpoint

precision to determine the best course of action for your boat’s generator

and AC!


  • Electronic Installments

Keeping mind of technological advancements and industry innovations, USA

Marine has the capability and expertise to update or repair electronic

installments on your marine equipment.

A few of the brands we service